Some doctors fear new mask guidelines will leave the ‘most vulnerable’ to fend for themselves and Russia, Ukraine and your money

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‘I won’t take my mask off indoors no matter what the CDC says today’: Some doctors fear new mask guidelines will leave ‘most vulnerable’ to fend for themselves

Some healthcare professionals have expressed concern about the new mask recommendations. It “will essentially recommend ‘one way masking,'” wrote one doctor.

‘I’m not a big fan of bubbles. I don’t like the bloat I get’: Can this non-carbonated alcoholic beverage replace seltzer water?

Funny Water is for those who don’t care about bubbles Read more

Weekend reads: Russia, Ukraine and your money

Plus, the 10 cities with the most overvalued home prices and how to handle a volatile stock market. Read more

‘A war in Ukraine is as far from our European vacation dreams as a war in Guatemala would be from Texas or Florida’: Rick Steves and other travel industry players shun Russia

Airlines, cruise ships and tour operators in the travel industry are all reacting to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Read more

Why this sedan and hatchback are the best buys in compact cars

Attractive, spacious, comfortable and loaded with safety features, it meets all the needs – and most wants – of today’s compact car buyer. Read more

My Fiance Wanted To Spend Money, I Wanted To Save It – Here’s What We Did

Raised with different ideas about money, here’s what we learned about paying off debt, investing, and sharing money anxieties. Read more

“My biological father abandoned me”: I was adopted by my maternal grandparents when my mother died. Do I have legal rights to my father’s estate?

“I didn’t even know the circumstances from when I was born until I was a teenager.” Read more

As Oil Prices Rise, Russian-Ukrainian War Complicates Pandemic Airline Recovery – And Could Raise US Ticket Prices, Too

“Rising oil prices, if sustained, will affect traveler ticket prices.” Read more

There’s an easier way for rideshare and delivery drivers to get into an electric vehicle

EVInstaFleet is promoting a less restrictive funding structure that will allow delivery and ride-sharing drivers to rent electric vehicles without the typical mileage limitations. Read more

Jon Bon Jovi is selling a luxurious $22 million condo in New York with stunning views

“Livin’ on a Prayer” crooner Jon Bon Jovi is ready to live somewhere else. Read more

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