South Carolina Lottery Jackpot Leads to Change of Plans

When he finally settled down, plans quickly changed and this winner was heading to Columbia to get the money.

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – A South Carolina Lowcountry woman recently changed her plans when she realized her lottery ticket was a winner.

She had just bought the $10 note at Krishna Indian & American Groceries on Green Ridge Road in North Charleston when she scratched it and learned she would soon be hitting a grand prize.

But she told lottery officials that she and her husband didn’t like it at first.

“He thought I was lying,” she told them.

Even with the ticket in hand, she said her husband was in disbelief that one Cash Bonanza ticket was worth $300,000.

But his wife was way ahead of him and, having previously gone to Walmart, had already planned a trip to Columbia instead to receive the winnings. These amounted to approximately $207,000 after taxes.

According to lottery officials, the winner said he beat odds over 900,000 for an “amazing day”.

And it’s a day still potentially available for four more players of that particular game with as many winning tickets still available.

As for the store in North Charleston that sold the ticket, it will receive a commission of $3,000 for the sale of it.

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