Special Easter creation from the Wellington chocolate factory


Wellington Chocolate Factory founder Gabe Davidson says Easter is a magical time in Wellington. Photo / provided.


Gabe Davidson, co-founder of the Wellington Chocolate Factory, talks about Easter treats, future plans and popular visits from chocolate makers at the factory.

We make all of our chocolate in our factory on Eva St, serve delicious hot chocolates made with our chocolate (unlike any other hot chocolate you’ll ever drink) and give people a total Willy Wonka experience with our chocolatier tours for the day, where visitors make and take home their own unique chocolate bars. Here, drinking and overeating is totally encouraged.

This year we launched our first collaboration with Duck Island Ice Cream, our Ambrosia milk chocolate bar. This is a limited release made just for Easter. The base is made with cocoa beans from Vanuatu, and the back of the bar is loaded with chewy and delicious vanilla and raspberry marshmallows. It also has an amazing cherry flavor that lingers after every bite.

Duck Island Ice Cream collaborated with Wellington Chocolate Factory to create the Ambrosia Chocolate Bar.  Photo / Provided
Duck Island Ice Cream collaborated with Wellington Chocolate Factory to create the Ambrosia Chocolate Bar. Photo / Provided

There’s something magical about exploring the city of Wellington at Easter. Nothing beats drinking one of our hot chocolates by the water on a cool fall day. We also run our Chocolatier Tours throughout Easter, but with a different twist – aspiring chocolatiers on the tour will be able to load their bars with Easter treats.

Chocolate lovers can let their creativity run wild on the tour and create their ultimate chocolate flavor. Nothing is on the table. We encourage everyone on our tours to properly name their bar, sign the packaging and mark it as “one on one” as each bar is unique.

We are extremely proud to be an ethical bean-to-bar chocolate maker, lifting cocoa farmers (and their communities and families) out of poverty by paying them fairly.

We strive to find our beans, including sailing a traditional waka to Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, to create the world’s first Bougainville bar in 2016. The trip was supposed to take six weeks but ended up taking three months – we mostly used traditional star navigation and had plenty of adventures and near-misses along the way.

We won gold at the International Chocolate Awards for our bar from Peru in 2018, along with a few others over the years, but we’re too Kiwi to stick the gold and silver stickers on our wrappers.

Going forward, we are looking to strengthen our relationships with cocoa farmers in Vanuatu to source more beans directly from Polynesian and Melanesian islands. We are also looking to open a new retail space in Wellington.

It’s exciting that there is now a thriving artisanal chocolate industry to explore, here in Aotearoa and beyond.

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