Tamil Nadu announces free travel on government buses for children


TN announces free travel on government buses for children

Credit: AFP Photo

The Tamil Nadu government on Thursday announced free travel for children under 5 on all types of buses operated by all government-run transport companies.

Making announcements to the Assembly on new initiatives (2022-23) for his department, Transport Minister SS Sivasankar said that children under 5 would be allowed to travel free of charge on all sorts of buses run by government transport companies. Currently, for children between 3 and 12 years old, the “half-fare” system (half the fare collected from adult passengers) is operational.

To boost revenue, some luggage space on long-distance buses would be offered for a fee on a trial basis to parcel and courier services, he said. The introduction of an automated travel ticket system, integrating all modes of public transport, modeled on the standards of the common national mobility card, and the creation of a center to redress the grievances of passengers from transport companies. Government transportation were among his other announcements.

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