The Aztecs are busy selling football tickets to Carson’s site with the kick-off in four weeks

San Diego state opens the 2021 football season four weeks from today, giving spectators an in-person glimpse of the Aztecs for the first time in two seasons.

SDSU will once again welcome fans, who were not permitted to attend last season due to COVID-19 restrictions, when it hosts the State of New Mexico on September 4 at Carson’s Dignity Health Sports Park.

With SDSU on the eve of the opening of the fall training sessions, good places, as they say, are always available.

Filling more than half of the 27,000-capacity Carson Hall would be considered a success this season, though the Aztecs are hoping to move closer to sold-out for their two biggest home games, against Utah and Boise State.

Persistent concerns about the coronavirus, most recently with the Delta variant, could negatively impact crowds.

But expectations were further tempered by the 112-mile drive from SDSU’s former home at SDCCU Stadium to its temporary home at Dignity Health Sports Park, which again hosts the Aztecs for the 2021 seasons while their new stadium is in. construction in Mission Valley.

“We knew we weren’t going to sell as many season tickets as we have here, but I also think we have a great big sales opportunity for just one game there,” said John David Wicker, director of the season. SDSU sports. “We are always convinced that we are going to do the things that we need to do. I think we’re going to be pretty good on the pitch and our fan base will show up.

“Again, these days and everything that is going on in the world of varsity athletics, I think our fan base will take notice and know that they need to be strong and proud for the state of. San Diego so we can show the rest of the country that we are.

SDSU averaged around 21,000 fans through the SDCCU stadium turnstiles during the 2018-19 seasons. This included an average of 12,552 season ticket holders.

Season ticket sales were around 7,000 last year before the ticket renewal campaign was halted with the onset of the pandemic.

Chuck Lang, associate athletic director of SDSU’s business administration, said the 2021 membership forecast was set at 2,500, and the Aztecs exceeded that number.

“Our renewals have been better than expected and we are still actively selling season tickets,” Lang said.

He said attendance projections this season are 10,000-15,000 for games against New Mexico State (September 4), Towson (September 25), New Mexico (October 9) and State de Fresno (October 30), 15,000 to 20,000 for the second leg against Nevada (November 13) and 25,000 for the games against Utah (September 18) and Boise State (November 26).

Three of the matches include incentives for the first 10,000 participants – replica Aztec jerseys against New Mexico State, SDSU hats against Towson, and mini Aztec Stadium replicas against Boise State.

The annual KGB SkyShow, an elaborate fireworks show synchronized with the music, will not be held at the Carson site.

Ticket prices range from $ 15 to $ 45 for New Mexico State and Towson Games, $ 20 to $ 65 for New Mexico, Fresno State and Nevada, and $ 45 at $ 105 for the state of Utah and Boise.

Season tickets are priced from $ 149 to $ 475 for the seven-game home schedule. That’s significantly less than the $ 201- $ 561 range in 2019 for a six-game home schedule at SDCCU Stadium.

SDSU recently announced a three-game mini-membership priced at $ 65 to $ 210.

“Our plan is to focus on sales of unique games and mini-plans due to travel issues,” Lang said. “Group sales will also be a big part of what we plan to do. ”

SDSU has touted its alumni base in Los Angeles and Orange counties, so this will be a chance to see how committed they are to the shorter route to see the Aztecs.

“People in LA and Orange County are not used to buying season tickets for the Aztecs,” Wicker said. “We are obviously going to market heavy goods up there. ”

Attendance estimates include 2,500 seats in the north end area reserved for the SDSU group and students, who receive free entry to the games.

Housing for students can be dramatically increased, Lang said, if the demand is there.

Student participation in games at the SDCCU stadium has ranged from 5,000 to 10,000 over the past five seasons. These numbers are expected to be considerably lower with the change of location.

SDSU plans to offer 15 to 20 buses, depending on demand, for students to get to games. Lang said a “nominal fee” will be charged for a ride on the 50-seat buses.

Plans are also underway for some travel packages for other fans. Lang said he expects details to be released within the next week.

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