The best vacation destinations for 2022

Stewart Island, New Zealand

In a travel landscape where wilderness is as prized as new hotel openings, New Zealand’s third island is emerging as a new must-see destination. Stewart Island (otherwise known by its Maori name, Rakiura), located 30 kilometers off the country’s South Island, is a sort of languid place where life is lived to the rhythm of the sea and the sea. attraction of the moon. With a population of just 390 (and around 20,000 fluffy kiwifruit birds), it rarely feels crowded, but the possibilities for adventure are colossal; from kayaking and fishing, to trail running and diving in spectacular underwater kelp forests.

As the southernmost starry sky sanctuary in the world, Stewart Island is also one of the best places to see the Milky Way and the Southern Lights (most vivid in a moonless sky in June and July). Rakiura is actually translated as “The great and deep blush of Te Rakitamau” – one of the early Maori chiefs who failed to win the hand of a girl from a high-ranking Kati Mamoe family. When he was rejected by a second daughter, Te Rakitamau blushed a fierce, bright red. It is said that you can still see that blush in the island’s fiery sunsets and the mesmerizing shows of the Southern Lights.

Beyond its letters of nobility, the island is also establishing itself as a leading player in terms of sustainable products. The Maori have long used Stewart Island and its surrounding satellites for hunting and foraging, and as advances are made in farming algae and pāua (an edible sea snail), local businesses such as Gravity Fishing innovates in responsible harvesting methods while providing restaurants with fresh seafood.

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