“The center has disbursed Rs 5 billion in youth loans in Sindh”


The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) for Youth Affairs, Usman Dar, on Tuesday assured the opportunities offered by the Kamyab Jawan program to youths in Sindh.

SAPM Usam Dar in a press conference with Sindh Assembly Opposition Leader Haleem Adil Sheikh said Rs 5 billion has been disbursed in Sindh out of the Rs 10 billion of the minimum disbursement target for the current fiscal year for the province.

He said the government was ensuring institutional arrangements for young people at all levels.

Dar said 100 billion rupees had been allocated in loans to Pakistani youth in the current financial year, and 32 billion rupees had been granted to thousands of entrepreneurs to start their businesses.

The Kamyab Jawan Business Loan Scheme has given Rs 3 billion to young entrepreneurs in Karachi alone, resulting in the creation of over 600 startups and the creation of over 3,000 jobs. He said about 5,000 retail outlets have started businesses across the country while 1,200 retail outlets have started operations in Karachi despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

SAPM said Rs800 million was disbursed to Hyderabad, Rs390 million to Larkana, Rs32 million to Sukkur, Rs25 million to Shaheed Benazirabad, Rs13 million to Mirpurkhas.

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Usman Dar added that more than 7,000 scholarships worth Rs 43 million under the project have been awarded in Sindh. Dar said youth development centers would be established at 108 public sector universities to help more than two million university students explore opportunities in the IT sector.

The federal government wanted to fast-track the KJP and in the first phase, the youth of Karachi was concentrated while the next phase will include the rest of Sindh.

KJP is a transparent program with a financially prudent mechanism and with all its data available online and made public for accountability, he said and added that the previous government used to come up with politically motivated programs of meager cash aid and narrow-scope vocational training programs that only offered skills like plumbing and electricity, but Prime Minister Imran Khan introduced a program that gives young people access to highly skilled training in modern technology.

KJP is committed to engaging, educating and empowering young people through initiatives such as business loan programs, skills for all budgets and positive youth engagement through the National Youth Council, he said. he declares.

He insisted that the government of Sindh step forward and join hands for the welfare and progress of the youths of the province instead of hampering the opportunities for the youths just for the sake of political antagonism as they did when issuing a health card to people of Sindh.

Dar said that as part of the sports talent hunt project, a trial of football players is held at the KPT ground for the final selection of players from among the 100 shortlisted aspirants, adding that the selected young players would be trained by the St Patrick Club and they would. also be sent to Ireland for training.

Haleem AdIl Sheikh, Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly and Senior Leader of PTI, speaking on the occasion, spoke highly of the initiatives launched for youth employment under the Kamyab Jawan scheme and said that new prospects for career development were opening up for young people.

It was the first time in Pakistan’s history that young people in the country were given confidence and helped to start their own businesses, he said, adding that young people in Sindh should avail themselves commercial loans granted to them. transparently solely on merit.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said Rs 5 billion has been disbursed so far to 2,819 young entrepreneurs in Sindh under the initiative. He said that in addition to Rs 3 billion disbursement to Karachi youths, Rs 800 million was disbursed in Hyderabad division, Rs 390 million in Larkana division, Rs 32 million in from Sukkur, 25 million rupees in the division of Shaheed Benazirabad and 13 million rupees in the Mirpurkhas. division in Sindh.

He said the federal government had also disbursed Rs 60 billion under Ehsas emergency cash assistance to people in Sindh and issued health cards to citizens of the underdeveloped Tharparkar district.

On the other hand, the Sindh government was reluctant to issue a health card to people in the province and hampered their access to better health facilities, he noted.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 9and2022.

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