The closure of Russian airspace has an impact on the aviation sector

One of the sectors which has been very hard hit by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is the aviation sector. Russia recently announced a ban on flights from 36 countries “in retaliation for European states banning civil aviation flights operated by Russian airlines or registered in Russia.” This includes the 27 countries of the European Union, as well as the United Kingdom and Canada.

According to reports, European airlines, especially those connecting Europe to East Asia, have already begun to feel the heat of war, which began by avoiding flying over Russian airspace. It has significantly increased flight time to Asia and the Far East sectors.

Furthermore, reports indicate that the closure of Russian airspace to EU operators has had a significant impact and further harmed airlines. Due to the shutdown, airlines are now required to divert flights, leading to increased operational costs and increased flight time. For example, it can now take up to 5 additional flight hours for a flight to travel between Tokyo and Helsinki.

Add to that the escalating cost of jet fuel, which is believed to have reached an all-time high since 2008, and airlines around the world are grappling with rising costs, which in the coming days will likely lead airlines to increase the prices and fares of air tickets.

According to reports, fuel represents 20% of the total cost of airlines and since the beginning of the war the price of fuel has increased and has now reached an all-time high, which is expected to increase even more.

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