The sale of tickets to travel to the United States soared to 300% before the border was closed for those vaccinated with Sputnik

Last weekend the sale of tickets to the United States for travel in October increased to 300%, before the entry into force from November of restrictions on the entry into this country of tourists vaccinated with serums against the coronavirus not authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO), such as Sputnik V.

In addition to the decision to leave Argentina, gradual reopening of borders, with the pilot test which started on Monday and which woke up the Argentine interest in traveling abroad.

However, Buenos Aires emerges as the third destination chosen by Brazilians to spend the end of the year and the government is advancing in creation of incentive programs for the entry of tourists from the region, such as the return of a percentage of the ticket or the stay. At the moment there are no definitions, but he was able to confirm that he is working on this line.

In the meantime, all official expectations are that the relaunch of the program 2020 pre-trip quadruple results, when it has become a fundamental tool for battered regional economies.

How much has the demand for travel to the United States grown?

Since the start of the pandemic, Argentinian interest in going to the United States has remained latent and has soared with the reopening of borders, authorization to be vaccinated in this country and now with an announcement on new restrictions.

In Argentina The Sputnik V vaccination is expected to affect nearly 11 million people, according to the sera received so far in the country. Not being authorized by the WHO, these people will not be able to enter the United States from November. This situation has advanced the travel decisions of people vaccinated with Russian serum. for October and it triggered not only demand but also prices.

At Almundo, ticket sales increased by 300% last weekend compared to the previous one, where the decision of Joe Biden’s government was not yet known.

At Avantrip the behavior was similar. In 72 hours he recorded the “best sale destinations in the United States since the fever broke out in May and June“For cattle tourism, he said. Fernanda Torres, the company’s airline product analyst. Of the total traded, 48% were for trips in October.

“Since the announcement of the opening of the borders, we have observed a 65% increase in sales tickets to the United States, ”he said. Magali Alvarez Howlin, marketing manager of She called.

Paula Cristi, general manager of To take off for Argentina and Uruguay, he stressed that “little by little, international destinations are on the rise, showing a recovery in the market which is already encouraging the purchase of these trips”. “Among the destinations that present a good level of research, Madrid, Barcelona and, as always, Miami stand out.», He indicated.

How much ticket prices to the United States have gone up

The destinations prefer Argentines are still Miami and New York and the growth in demand has also triggered prices. Of the fares between US $ 620 and US $ 1,600, with an average of US $ 1,100, that were paid to travel in September, the value has skyrocketed between US $ 1,300 and US $ 3,000, with an average of over US $ 2,000 for October.

The closer the purchase date is to the travel date, the more pressure you put on the final cost of the ticket.

“Generally speaking, it’s not that the rate has increased compared to September, what is happening is that with the new restriction imposed by the United States on entry, demand is increasing flights in October, resulting in cheap rates they leave run out quickly“Torres explained.

Therefore, tickets for journeys between Buenos Aires and Orlando, Los Angeles and New York start at $ 2,500.

What measures the government is considering to encourage the entry of foreign tourists

As part of the reopening of borders, the Government is working on a package of measures to promote the entry of tourists countries in the region. The goal is ractivate local tourism, but also recover foreign exchange income which represented this sector for Argentina.

In the file is the assessment of subsidize a percentage or all of the tickets to tourists from the region who ensure a certain number of overnight stays in Argentina, as well as the possibility of giving an additional night of accommodation, also under certain conditions.

The data on Argentina’s interest in the region are encouraging. In Despegar Brasil, Buenos Aires is the third destination in the ranking to spend the New Year.

“Today a new stage begins and it is because the health plan has worked, that is why thanks to the articulation we are able to do protocols with neighboring countries and reactivate tourism», Declared the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” by Pedro, this Monday at the head of the opening of the secure tourist corridor on the Tancredo Neves bridge, which connects the cities of Puerto Iguazú, in Argentina, and Foz de Iguazú, in Brazil.

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