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West Virginia knows that as we work to diversify the economy and protect our natural treasures, the travel and hospitality industries must thrive. The Mountain State has received a big boost in this direction, as travel guide publisher Lonely Planet named it one of the best travel regions to visit in 2022. We are the only US state in receive such a nod.

Others receiving the designation included Westfjords, Iceland; Scenic Rim, Australia; Vancouver Island, Canada; and Burgundy, France.

“2022 is the perfect time to experience West Virginia, a still uncrowded region with untouched mountains and unparalleled heritage where the leisurely pace of small southern towns converges with adrenaline-fueled sports that draw adventurers from across the continent. Lonely Planet said.

It’s wonderful to see the good work of West Virginia Department of Tourism Secretary Chelsea Ruby and her team come to fruition.

“West Virginia is an incredible four-season travel destination, and we look forward to welcoming new visitors as they plan their trips to top travel destinations for 2022,” Ruby said after the announcement.

But the work is not done. Among the unfinished business is for voters to remind some of our most extreme and backward-looking elected officials that behaviors and excesses in which they almost seem to take pleasure in embarrassing the rest of us will no longer be tolerated. They don’t represent us, and we can’t allow them to be the bad apples that ruin the pack.

Assuming these few won’t hold us back any longer, then West Virginia should be thrilled with the opportunity to welcome visitors to our wild and wonderful state. We have so much to offer. It shouldn’t take much for some of these visitors to make a round trip trip to Almost Heaven.

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