Travel to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup: Guide, Requirements and FAQ on Tickets, Hotels and Weather

Later this year, Qatar will make history by hosting the first-ever World Cup staged in winter, with the tournament starting on November 21.

Until December 18, the timing and location of the competition has sparked controversy and intrigue in equal measure as fans prepare for a feast of international football from around the world. As for the format, 32 teams from eight groups will battle it out for a spot in the Round of 16 ahead of the final in Doha.

Some of the world’s biggest heavyweights have already booked their tickets to Qatar, including Germany, Brazil, France and Argentina. The national teams of Canada, USA and Mexico will join them in the Middle East after surviving the CONCACAF qualifying stages.

Below, Sporting News goes over some of the key things you’ll need to know if you’re planning to travel to Qatar this year.

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Travel requirements to enter Qatar

Any visitor to Qatar who is not a citizen “must submit a negative pre-travel PCR lab result obtained no later than 48 hours before the time of departure from the country of origin”, as quoted by the Embassy of the United States. United States in Qatar.

Fully vaccinated or recovered travelers will not need to self-quarantine or provide proof of a negative rapid antigen test upon arrival. Unvaccinated and unimmunized visitors will be required to quarantine for five days in a hotel or five days of “home quarantine” for those with relatives in the country (proof of residency and relationship required).

They will also be required to take a rapid antigen test on the fifth day of hotel/home quarantine before being allowed to move freely around the country.

Travel restrictions currently in place in Qatar

The United States Embassy in Qatar is currently advising a level 4 travel advisory, which indicates that citizens should not travel to the country due to the high prevalence of COVID-19. Of course, with the World Cup just around the corner, many fans around the world will be looking to book in to see the world’s greatest players take center stage.

Those wishing to make the trip should follow updates from the US Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs website for further details as they arise ahead of the World Cup kick-off.

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Qatar 2022 World Cup Travel Packages

World Cup travel packages run from the first week of the tournament through to the final.

Qatar Airways, the official airline of the country, offers a multitude of packages which can be found below and which include flights, accommodation and match tickets:

  • Support Your Team – Week One & Two (Four Game Package) – from $6,590
  • First Groups – First week (three game package) – from $4,950
  • Later Groups – Week Two (Three Game Package) – from $4,700
  • Knockouts – Round of 16 (two game package) – from $3,800
  • Knockouts – Quarter-Finals (two game package) – from $4,050
  • Knockouts – Semifinals and Finals (three game package) – from $7,300
  • Knockouts – Final and third place match (two match package) – from $5,600

FIFA also offers several packages for the tournament; however, flights, accommodation and tickets will all need to be purchased separately for the final in Qatar.

USA Match Hospitality is also a verified distributor worth checking out for football fans embarking on an adventure in the Gulf region this winter.

Flights to and from Qatar: How much will they cost?

Four cities will host the 2022 World Cup matches: Doha, Al Wakrah, Al Khor and Al Rayyan. Doha will be the main stopover for football fans traveling to the tournament, and Doha Hamad International Airport will be ready to receive visitors from November when the competition kicks off.

Since 2021, four US cities – Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC – offer two daily flights from the US to Qatar, while Dallas-Fort Worth increases to 12 weekly flights with Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle all offering daily service.

For example, a passenger flying from Washington Dulles International Airport to Doha on Nov. 16 and returning Dec. 19 to the same airport (tournament duration) would cost approximately $2,100.

Certainly not cheap, but a price well worth it to see their heroes in action on the big stage. Below is a list of some airlines for those looking for more information on exact costs from their location:

Hotels in Qatar

There will be several different options for visitors during their stay, including fan villages, cruise hotels, standard hotels and local apartments and villas to call home for their stay in Qatar. But given the demand, availability could disappear quickly.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has an official accommodation agency, which has important information and portals regarding exploring options to stay in the country according to its budget scope.

It might be worth looking beyond the standard hotels, as many would already be full due to the massive influx of block buyers looking to secure their World Cup spot long before the start of the season. predicted date.

The official FIFA World Cup website, Qatar Airways, and the Trivago website may be some of the strongest resources available to consumers to learn about potential Qatar vacations that meet their needs.

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Car rental in Qatar

Car rental in Qatar varies from company to company, although SIXT has offers to help visitors get on the road.

Usually these start at around $175 per day, but daily rates often decrease depending on the length of the rental. For example, with SIXT, car support for the first week of the tournament would cost around $132 per day.

As for the whole tournament, you’re looking at around $127 a day to get a rental car. However, this will vary from dealer to dealer.

Here are some other notable auto lenders in Qatar that are worth checking out for local rates:

  • Europcar Qatar
  • Al Taif Rent a Car Co
  • United Car Rentals Qatar
  • Oasis Rent a Car
  • Auto Z Car Rental
  • Total Rent a Car
  • Al Saad Rent a Car Co Wll

Qatar Travel Frequently Asked Questions

Clothes – what should I wear?

Qatar is an Islamic country, with a very traditional outlook on life. Although there is no mandatory dress code in the country, modest and conservative clothing is advised. For men this means that wearing shorts can be frowned upon, while for women they should try to avoid the use of tank tops or mini skirts in particular.

Sleeveless shirts are also prohibited, as well as strapless or transparent clothing. There could be legal penalties if you don’t follow these rules, so it’s probably best to be on the safe side if you plan on making it to the finals.

What will the weather be?

The weather will be warm, with average temperatures in November and December reaching 82 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit respectively.

Prepare accordingly for potential fluctuations in weather conditions, which could lead to a sharp increase in temperature during these months. Rain is unlikely during this time, and the fact that there is hardly any breeze in the country will make you sweat, so don’t forget your deodorant and sunscreen!

What side of the road do they drive on in Qatar?

In Qatar, they drive on the right side of the road, like in the United States and Canada, which will come as a relief. Most cars are automatic, but you should be warned that driving through Qatar can take some getting used to due to its unique landscape.

Can I drink alcohol in Qatar?

Technically yes, but it can be more complicated than that depending on your situation upon arriving in Qatar. Alcohol is not illegal in the country, although it is illegal to consume it in public, and being drunk is illegal.

You must be 21 and have a license to buy alcohol currently, although it is not yet confirmed if these rules will be in place for the duration of the World Cup. Alcohol is very scarce, only obtainable from authorized distributors (mostly located in Doha), licensed restaurants and luxury hotels.

Alcohol will be available for purchase at stadiums during the World Cup only for those holding hospitality packages. It will cost around $13 for a pint of beer in Qatar, as the country imposes sin taxes on alcohol as it is not a cultural norm.

What is the emergency number in Qatar?

The emergency number in Qatar is 999 for those who need to contact emergency services.

What currency is used in Qatar?

Qatar uses the Qatari rial as its currency. US$1 would be equivalent to 3.64 Qatari Rials at the current exchange rate.

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