Travelers have canceled and delayed their tours in Europe in accordance with EU guidelines, survey finds: Travel Weekly

The EU’s decision to remove the US from its “safe travel” list at the end of last month had an immediate impact on travel bookings in Europe.

A recent survey of USTOA members indicated that nearly three-quarters of members with operations in Europe had guests who chose to postpone their 2021 Europe travel plans and book at a later date.

Two-thirds said customers who previously booked in EU countries responded by canceling their travel plans to Europe for 2021.

In addition, 68% of those polled said they saw a drop in overall demand for new bookings compared to the weeks before the EU announcement.

According to USTOA President and CEO Terry Dale, the pullout came as the EU’s change in recommendation “immediately created confusion among travelers, as well as hesitation and doubts about their travel. ability to pursue their vacation plans in Europe this year ”.

Dale added, however, that 79% of USTOA members said they still had guests who were continuing their trip to Europe booked for 2021, calling the statistic “encouraging.”

The investigation was conducted on September 13. About 88% of all active USTOA members who responded to the survey offer package tours or itineraries to Europe.

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