Why Western Australia can be your dream honeymoon destination

Word Magic is thrown too often, but for some places it’s not an exaggeration. In fact, in the case of Western Australia – the state that occupies the western third of the country but is much less explored than places like Sydney and Melbourne – this word is only beginning to describe the splendours that lie there. find.

While much of WA, as it is abbreviated in true Australian style, is the Australian outback, it has a whopping 12,900 miles of rugged and beautiful coastline adjoining the Cerulean Indian Ocean, most of which is completely wild and untouched. That alone would make it an attractive destination for beach goers, as much of it could be considered the most breathtaking pristine beach imaginable (many on the islands, too). However, add to that a prolific amount of natural wonders – think horizontal waterfalls, vast coral reef, whale sharks (March to July), sandstone domes, pink lakes, red sand beaches, dunes. of white sand and quokkas, the adorable little marsupials that always seem to be smiling and you have a fuller picture of what’s possible.

But you don’t have to be an adventurer to appreciate this inspiring part of the world. There are many that also appeal to lovers of the culinary arts, as well as wine and design.

The problem with Western Australia is that there isn’t just one way to do it. There are seemingly endless possibilities, which may discourage some couples but excite others. The only data is to fly to Perth, its capital, where the bucolic Swan River meets the ocean. From the United States, Singapore Airlines is an attractive option, especially for couples hoping to cut off the trip with a day or two in one of Asia’s most exciting cities. Once in Perth, it becomes quite clear that although it is a metropolis, it is an intimate and walkable city (the population is approaching 2 million; the total population of Western Australia is almost 2 million. , 6 million, which is coincidentally the same number of square kilometers statewide).

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Perth is a bustling place to start a trip around WA, especially since it has become known for its small bar scene – these 100-person or fewer clubs are often themed and feature imaginative design and crisp drinks. Besides a fun nightlife, there is plenty to do – take a walking tour with a local via Two Feet & a Heartbeat, a great thing to do early on in order to get tips on the many well-hidden gems. from the city ; in summer, check out the food markets and outdoor concerts on the waterfront, stroll through prolific street art, and sip perfect coffees in the many espresso bars. Eating is in its own category, as there is so much fantastic food to taste. Try the Rooftop Wildflower (where the highly indigenous menu changes based on the six seasons of the Aboriginal calendar per year), the industrial-chic Petition Kitchen for delicious comforting Australian cuisine, and the Santini Bar & Grill for Mediterranean-Italian cuisine. bright, all exceptional and enhanced with romantic atmosphere.

When it’s time to sleep, turn to QT Perth, a deliciously daring and lavish boutique hotel with irresistible and sexy black tubs, not to mention the most comfy bathrobes around. (A Ritz-Carlton soon arrives at the water’s edge, and the chic Quay Hotel recently opened there.) The intimate, efficient, and aesthetically appealing Alex Hotel is a boutique box that, with its small… Shadow Wine Bar on Plates, perfectly exemplifies all that is so right about Perth these days.

There’s also the hipster-endorsed harbor town of Fremantle nearby, a sort of artistic Williamsburg 30 minutes from Perth that makes a perfect day-long stroll, especially on foot or by bike with Fremantle Tours, the authorities of what is affectionately called Freo. Street art, surf shops, historic markets, microbreweries (this is the home of the beloved little creatures), distilleries, record shops, bookstores and hot independent restaurants are just a few. -one of the attractions. For the latter, don’t skip Strange Company for drinks and live music or Bread in Common, where you won’t feel guilty about the carb overload.

Even if it’s only for one night, Rottnest Island is a fun outing, a 30-minute ferry ride that offers a chance to take a selfie with a quokka (as Chris Hemsworth did recently on his visit) and get closer and relax in Discovery Rottnest Island eco-luxury tents overlooking a sandy beach perfect for a private picnic. Off the coast of Perth there is an island with penguins (closed from late June to September for the breeding season) and another with sea lions to kayak with.

Margaret River and the forests of the south east the destination for high-end wine in the country (as well as surfing on the West Coast), but like all things in Australia, there is nothing pretentious about the scene which also welcomes more and more artisanal spirits. dynamic and craft beer vendors (hit Caves Road Collective, a beautiful wedding venue, too, for all of the above). There are around 110 cellar doors – what we’d call wineries, and most don’t need advance reservation – Vasse Felix being the first in 1967 and still one of the best (his full-bodied cabernets and chardonnays should need to sip; even better when done in its private cellar or around a nice lunch). It’s a several hour drive out of town, easy and comfortable in the hands of Perth Luxury Tours, passing kangaroos in open fields along the way. (The company takes couples on full-day tasting tours from Perth with lunch, or can transport them for longer nights.)

In this peaceful region, Cape Lodge is the place of honeymoon dreams. The luxury boutique hotel whose acclaimed restaurant is set on a serene pond – the tasting menu makes it an evening to remember – is adults-only, equipped with decadent beds, serves a delicious breakfast, and is the starting point ideal for many explorations. . There are farm tours (think organic olive oil just pressed at Olio Bello, with beautiful glamping tents next door), cultural nature walks, and cave explorations accompanied by didgeridoo with the outfit. run by the Koomal Dreaming Aborigines (they also do fishing trips), surf lessons (Smiths Beach is a great place to learn; then warm up with breakfast and coffee at Lamont’s) and spectacular walks .

Adventurers can tackle the four-day Cape to Cape Track – Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin, with huts along the way for camping – while those who like the idea but want a more luxurious experience should opt for a party with Walk into Luxury, an operator that offers luxurious accommodations along with wine-based lunches and spa experiences along the way. Spring (America’s fall) brings 2,500 varieties of wildflowers and whales – humpback whales, blue whales and southern whales – by the way. If you are visiting during the warmer months, don’t miss the opportunity to take a dip in the Injidup Natural Spa, a pool of crystal clear water swirling among the rocks.

Further into town are charming restaurants like Morries, with its jazz nights, and Yarri, with sustainably sourced land and sea dishes, distilleries like Margaret River Distilling Co., where you can blend and bottle your own gin using local herbs (the program is called Giniversity) and other small town gems like the eclectic Margaret River Bakery and the Margaret River Collective store next door. By the way, those who can’t make it can sample WA vino in Swan Valley, near Perth, in areas such as Mandoon. This bucolic center of vineyards, but also artisanal chocolates, coffee and cheese, is also the starting point for the 10-day Western Australia Gourmet Escape Festival each November, covering Perth and Margaret River.

True foodies should consider another attractive time of year to venture into the southwest of Western Australia: June through August, when Perigord black truffles grown in Manjimup are sniffed and dug up using adorable kelpies (the town also has a cherry festival every summer). You can take part in the action and taste the products of Truffle & Wine Co., one of the largest exporters to Europe and beyond. Around the delicious June weekend Truffle Kerfuffle festival, there are also fleeting dining experiences that are worth the trip on their own, such as Chef Paul Iskov’s Fervor (look for his singular culinary escapades – hyperlocal and with sought-after ingredients – around Western Australia).

Further on, at the Ningaloo Reef – Pippa Middleton spent her honeymoon there, at the exclusive safari camp on Sal Salis Beach – there is a proliferation of migrating humpback whales (the season is the American fall), and in Broome, you’ll find pearl farms where you could crack open a clam and keep the natural gem inside, as well as horizontal waterfalls. Broome is in the hard-to-reach but rough, wild and worth it Kimberley, with some of the oldest lands on the planet. Recently, the world’s largest dinosaur footprint was found there. In Esperance you will find the most exquisite colored lakes that call for a drone. Couples who really want to get in touch with their surroundings can camp with Native caretakers in the Northwest Outback, listening to the stories told around the fire by the elders.

At the end of the day, Western Australia is like an adventure book to choose from: the possibilities are endlessly exciting, insanely beautiful, and endless.

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