With Bills tickets in high demand, fans planning to visit Kansas City should act quickly.

BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) – Any Bills fans still trying to get to the game in Kansas City on Sunday should act fast.

Tickets are in high demand and flight prices will only increase as the game draws closer.

As the Bills put more points on the board against the Patriots on Saturday night, the prices for Divisional Round tickets to Kansas City, which weren’t even set at the time, began to climb.

“If Buffalo is in the game, they know their fans are going to show up and that’s what we saw when I was watching the Bills game and noticed Kansas City prices were going up more and more at every time the Bills seemed to score,” Nick Giammusso said. , CEO of VIP Tix.

Demand has only increased since.

Giammusso said there were originally 5,000 tickets available on the secondary market. Now there are less than 3,000, for $150 and up.

“We’re starting to see fewer and fewer tickets on the market, which probably means prices are going to go up as we get closer to the game.”

Once fans get the tickets, they’ll have to decide how to get there.

“There are no direct flights from Buffalo airport so you definitely have to connect, but they started at $450 and go up from there. I should also point out that we know Bills Mafia is picking up these tickets because it shows some Southwest flights have sold out compared to yesterday,” said Elizabeth Carey, director of public relations and corporate communications for AAA.

Carey said hotels near the airport are the cheapest, with some under $100 a night.

You will pay more in the city center but you will be closer to the stadium and you will avoid having to rent a car.

Another way to reduce your travel tab: drive.

“If you’re looking at flights and saying, ‘ouch, that’s a little too much money’, you can drive. It’s 971 miles from Highmark Stadium to Arrowhead Stadium, so it’s doable if you have some free time. It will take you over 14 hours to get there, but if you think about gas prices, round trip gas will cost just over $200, so it’s less than one way.

If you plan to fly, she recommends leaving on Friday or Saturday night to give yourself plenty of time in case of a delay.

AAA also has a Kansas City travel guide for extra time when you’re not at the game.

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