Yale administrator arrested after stealing FORTY MILLION DOLLARS from a decade selling computers and pocketing the money

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The daily mail – Former Yale medical school official, 43, sentenced to nine years for $40million fraud that saw her order computers for the department and sell them – then use the money to fund her lifestyle luxurious.

Jamie Petrone, 43, was sentenced this week to more than nine years in prison. She pleaded guilty in March to a fraud in which she abused her role as finance and administration director for Yale’s Department of Emergency Medicine.

“Director of Finance and Administration for the Department of Emergency Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine” sounds like a completely made-up job. It will be. It’s not a real job. That’s way too many names. It’s a job title that university bureaucrats created the same way you wrote high school term papers, skimming through it at the end with a Thesaurus app and changing all the simple words into big, smart words.

Which, perhaps, explains some things. Maybe if the bigwigs at Yale hadn’t spent so much time with their faces buried in the dictionary looking up fancy ways to say “secretary,” they would have noticed the director of finance and administration at the Department of Emergency Medicine at Yale University School of Physician Jamie Petrone steals FORTY MILLION DOLLARS in DECADE program to purchase computers and electronics with school funds , then pockets the money.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, beginning at least 2013, Petrone used her position as director of finance and administration for the school’s Department of Emergency Medicine to order millions of dollars worth of computer equipment and electronics for school.

She then shipped the goods to a company who paid her and resold them.

Petrone also filed false federal tax returns from 2013 to 2016 and failed to file any returns from 2017 to 2020, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

Or maybe I’m being unfair. It’s easy for me to say in hindsight, isn’t it? Who’s to say she wasn’t a criminal mastermind, using all the tricks of the trade to keep a low profile and raise no alarm bells. After all, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said she kept all of her individual transactions under $10,000, which is the threshold above which she should have obtained approval from a higher echelon in the chain. eating ; enough shrewd maneuvers as it is, it’s possible the Yale administration isn’t a completely corrupt collection of absolute morons. It is possible that she is so good.

For this to be the case, we would need to know the answer to a few questions. For one, is Instagram banned from employees’ phones and computers?

It’s not banned from mine, so that’s how I was able to check Petrone’s account and see what essentially amounted to a long-running luxury car saloon in its driveway: a white 2014 Benz G550, a 2015 black Escalade, a 2016 white Escalade, a 2018 Dodge Charger, a 2020 red Benz and a 2017 Range Rover affectionately named “Baby Girl 🥰”.

The only thing Director Petrone loved as much as buying the new edition of a car for $100-300k every year was posting pictures of them publicly and bragging about how she bought them with his own money.

It wasn’t all the cars though – it’s possible the posts from his car collection were buried in the posts from his home collection.

There was the house in Georgia, then the house in Connecticut, followed by a second house in Connecticut – the third house in Connecticut could easily have been confused with a repost of one of the previous two houses in Connecticut, instead of a new and completely separate one. third Connecticut house, that’s what it was.

And that confusion would make all the difference. Each finance and administration director of a part of a college medical school has 3 houses. It’s a 4th house that’s starting to raise eyebrows.

Google Maps

Realistically, both the collections may have been drowned out by even the most eagle-eyed Instagram addict by the sheer flood of posts from her multiple trips to Italy and the countless updates of her latest Gucci handbag purchase or addition to her jewelry collection, always shared while enjoying a fine vintage of wine at the Gucci Garden.

So even if IG isn’t banned on their phones and computers, it’s definitely possible that they missed this stuff. You know how it goes on the Gram. One second you’re wondering how the glorified secretary you pay to answer phones and bulk order Microsoft Surface tablets generated the personal wealth of a Saudi prince, the next you’re watching Sommer Ray spinning and sharing grapefruit memes with the group chat forgetting all about it.

Speaking of computers, are these also prohibited?

That would explain A LOT. For example, why it didn’t seem strange to anyone that they spent 40 million dollars of the budget on them when no one had a new one for 10 years.

Giphy pictures.

I know this all sounds like a stretch, that some of you probably think I’m naive. I confess that it is difficult for me not to give the benefit of the doubt to an honest and honorable institution like the American College, in particular a university as prestigious as Yale. Of Classes they’d notice $40,000,000 missing if they weren’t cleverly hidden from them – times are tough for everyone, not just you and me. Yale’s endowment has fallen to $42.3 billion. No, not “down $42.3 billion” – down $42.3 billion. It’s so low that our taxes have to go to paying off other people’s student debt without a single condition or even a simple promise to do absolutely anything for tuition. They may have been so totally spared by the disappearance of forty million dollars that they weren’t even aware they were gone, but cut tuition by a dime and they probably wouldn’t have no choice but to shut down, leaving the country to fend for itself. what it will do without Egyptology and Women’s and Gender Studies majors entering the workforce.

And don’t forget, they caught her. It took over 9 years and $40 million, but they got it. They caught her and punished her, and in the end, that’s what counts.

Well no theirin itself.

Not Yale.

Yale didn’t catch or punish her. An anonymous tipster from outside the school and the FBI did.

Petrone was eventually arrested by an anonymous tip.

It’s unclear how bosses at the college – famous for its $42.3 billion endowment – missed the industry-level fraud carried out by the scammer.

As far as I know, everyone at Yale is still waiting for the Daily Mail to load on their PC Gateway, wondering why they haven’t seen the Director of Finance and Administration’s Ferrari in the parking lot in a while.

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